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Dei Umbra

Sixteen-year-old Layne Stevens is drawn through a dark veil into an alternate reality… a place where America is ruled by a totalitarian theocracy.  Pursued by deadly Inquisitors, Layne must somehow keep the girl Adriel out of the hands of  the Church, because only he knows that she is the key to their power!  Oh, and also there are super-evolved dinosaurs.


Meric Trelaine never wanted to be a superhero.  He was just a student with a slacker job until that crazy night when a supervillain dropped him off a roof. Now he’s got superpowers, and a team of deadly supervillains trying to kill him and his girlfriend.  Meric doesn’t have much choice… learn fast or die!


The Story of Girl 7

This is the story of the extraordinary superhero who calls herself Girl 7, as told by an unlikely source… The Prowler, a supervillain. How these two become friends and allies, and how Prowler learns her shocking secret, makes this a twisty tale for the record books! 

Shadow of the Necromancer

A nerdy young coed wakes up in an underground crypt, in an ancient, sprawling necropolis, in a dark, unforgiving world of magic and decadence… and in the body of a notorious evil necromancer! This is going to take some sorting out…